Our New Prayer Book for the High Holy Days

This year we will be praying our new liturgy that we began developing in 2020 rather than using our traditional machzor, Gates of Repentance. Starting in 2023, we have assembled all of our prayers into a single volume: Netivot Teshuvah – Paths of Repentance.

If you are coming to Solel for in-person worship, we will have a printed copy of our new machzor for you to use. If you are joining us via live stream, we have a limited number of copies which you can pick up from the Solel office (while supplies last).

If you can’t make it to Solel to pick up a printed copy of the prayer book, you can download your own copy right here. You can print your own book at home or you can use the soft copy on your favourite device. The electronic copy of the book is in PDF format. We have two options: left-to-right (for reading on screens) and right-to-left (just like Hebrew prayer books) which you can print out at home. Be aware that the whole book is over 400 pages, so please consider that before printing your own copy.

Find the version of the book you’re looking for below. Click the light blue button to download the left-to-right version or the dark blue button for the right-to-left version.

Download Our Prayer Book in PDF Format

Left to

Solel’s New High Holy Days Machzor

to Left

Download Left-to-Right

Netivot Teshuvah – Paths of Repentance (pdf)

Our prayers for Selichot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, all in a single volume.

Download Right-to-Left