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Is there a blessing to say on receiving your Covid vaccinations?

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, January 28, 2021

Dear Solelniks, As we anxiously await the rollout of Covid vaccines in Canada, anticipating the moment when we will be able to receive the vaccinations, many in our Jewish and…

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Complain or Appreciate, Bemoan or Thank

by Arliene Botnick, January 28, 2021

Our biblical narrative has numerous examples of our propensity to complain rather than appreciate. It appears that for some 430 years, our ancestors spent a significant time ‘kvetching’ = complaining….

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The Vaccine Mitzvah

by Roselyn Allen, January 28, 2021

It’s been exactly a year since we heard of some new virus in China (it was a bit of an afterthought in the news, next to Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash)….

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